dan-klennert-recycled-spirits-of-iron-art-WA-USADaniel Klennerts “Spirit of Iron” Sculpture Park is a “must visit” , especially if you in that area visiting Mt Rainier National Park, and come via ASHFORD, WA. It’s right there by the main highway. The sculpture park is  titled Ex-Nihilo (pronounced “Ex Nee-Hill-o” – one of several ways to pronounce it according to Webster’s!) which means something created from out of nothing in Latin. Ex-Nihilo is located right alongside State Route 706 on the way to the west entrance to Mount Rainier National Park in beautiful Washington State. 

Dan Klennert’s sculptures, Spirits of Iron, have been displayed all across North America. “Bloodline,” his larger than life-size thoroughbred created almost entirely out of horse shoes, and “Cleopatra,” a life-size mare welded together from bits of scrap metal, charmed thousands at the Thoroughbred Breeders Association Equine Art Show. “Oscar” the fish eighteen feet long and twelve feet high was the catch of the day at the Salmon Days Festival in Issaquah, Washington. “The Angel from Hell” is a skeleton of a human riding a chopper motorcycle all made from junk. This piece was a big hit when displayed during the motorcycle convention in Sturgis, South Dakota. Other works made by Klennert have been or are currently on display in Santa Fe, NM, Phoenix, AZ, Grand Junction, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Moab, UT, Portland, OR and throughout Washington state. Proud owners of Klennert’s art reside all over the United States and Canada. He says, “I feel that I am giving joy to people and new life to scrap metal through my work. I enjoy online gambeling what I have created and cherish the materials that go into my art.”

You can visit Daniel Klennerts website direct here: http://danielklennert.com/

This Gallery below only shows some of his wonderful art, there is so much more on his property and inside the Gallery which is open May – October every year.