woodhog_pottery_jody_cable_whidbey_island_wa_featureWOODHOG POTTERY by Jody Willenborg-Cable: I have been making pots forever. I like the way they look at each stage in their formation, and I like the way they are transformed by fire. It is a joy to be able to participate in such a profoundly human activity. At times I feel a connection with our ancestors who have been handling clay from the beginning.

We built a giant cave like kiln called an anagama in our back yard. The kiln is fueled by wood and would easily hold a smart car. A few hours into the three day firing It shoots flames out the chimney like an excited dragon. After dark this is a fun thing to watch. The finished pots are beautiful earth tones with ash drips. When we unload the kiln, after a week of cooling, there are hundreds of pots in the yard — like a sea of brown. Every piece is completely different from any other; the pots are painted by vaporized ash as the river of fire moves through the kiln chamber. Each piece receives it’s own unique markings from the flames. I think it is incredible how fire moves and looks like flowing water when there is intense heat.

I enjoy carving and painting my pots, but some are just dipped in a pretty glaze or two. All of my functional pottery is made with safety in mind. I don’t use toxic materials such as lead or barium in any of my glazes. Most of my functional pottery is fired in a gas or electric kiln.

I live and work on beautiful Whidbey Island, (near Seattle), with my husband, son and our collection of pets.

Visit my ETSY shop: woodhogpottery for products OR contact me direct: 1-360-341-2019