wildwoodreams-dot-com-woodcraft-idahoWildWood Dreams and Aspen Spirits produces unique and handcrafted log furniture, and beautiful botanical lampshades containing wildlife scenes, to bring a true rustic nature of the outdoors into your home.  if you see anything that catches your eye, have inquiries or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me at 208-435-4446 – find out more on my website: www.wildwoodreams.com

View some of my creations below:

How We Create Dreams in Wild Wood

Log log furnishings are created from the wildest and most gorgeous deadwoods I can find.  The beautifully unique gnarly aspen from  the high country of Colorado sparked this love and adventure.  The twists and turns of old roots added another dimension, and the long ago dead and burned out Bristlecone Pine and burls carried it to new heights.  Beautiful pieces of driftwood, particularly cedar remnants withstanding the test of time, are expanding the adventure here in Idaho. 

Every effort is made to build my log furniture with the true spirit and dreams of the wood.  A tremendous amount of time is spent carefully hand sanding.   The last thing I want to do is destroy any character and beauty brought about by years of insects tunneling away when diseased or dead, or from beasts of the wild stripping its bark while it lived.  These natural occurrences create the most beautiful of burls and gnarls.   There’s a fine line in sanding between exposing the beauty and destroying it.

I have also created wildlife botanical lampshades containing real mosses, plants and flowers I have personally gathered, pressed, and dried for another touch of true nature.

No two pieces of wood at WildWood Dreams and Aspen Spirits will ever be alike.  I hope you can fulfill some of your Wild Dreams  during your visit, and, “May the Spirit of the Wood  Be With You!”