earth-worth-jewels-beate-degenEarthWorth Jewels and Beate Degen

Born 1958 in Germany I was raised in the german tradition of duty, neatness and work. But also to enjoy food & drink after a hard days labor. I was trained as a preschool and kindergarten teacher and worked as such for 2 years.

Than the spirit of the travel called to me , and I started to walk the Latin American Continent. With this the magic of art, music and the human spirit unfolded in front of me. For 4 years I traveled and learned in each country from the patient natives , who invited me into their lives and their art. I learned the true meaning of “ hand-made” since everything I owned, including my shop, had to fit into my backpack.

This was my apprenticeship for the jewelry trade.
Ever since I make my living creating and selling down to earth, fully handmade jewelry. Combining and blending the treasures of the Earth into a very unique style. 
I hope you will enjoy EarthWorth Jewels.  Beate Degen

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