art_school_e-bookYou can make better art. I can help you do that. ‘Art Head Start’ is a $19.95 home study art design training ebook. There are at least 3 parts to making art.

  1. Conscious art expertise, art skills and design methods
  2. Semi-conscious emotional and story telling skill
  3. Unconscious spiritual or soulful quality

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With my art lessons ebook you’ll learn the how-to, the why-to and the when-to of art and design. You’ll get the Visual Communication basics you need to make art that IS something, not just ABOUT something.

You’ll learn things about evoking emotion visually and telling a compelling visual story. I touch on spirit and soul in your images, on growing your natural creativity and on nurturing your nature.

Your new understanding of art principles will bring you more confidence and better images. You’ll know just what to do next, how to do it and why. Perhaps you’ll even learn the subtle skill of letting your images “tell you” how they want to be expressed.

“Rigorous but laid-back, it is wonderfully instructive and interesting.”
—Bob Stites, Art Instructor, Osher Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology

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