My name is Victoria Hammond and I am an artist who has always been intrigued by the creative ways people can use other people’s “junk” to make something totally new and wonderful. I have always been a “junker” at heart, loving to go to garage and estate sales and flea markets looking for that unique piece. I soon realized that it came naturally to me to find beauty and interest in ordinary things, many times broken things that most people might just toss away.  Visit Victoria’s website here:

In 1992, I started playing with my findings, initially making one-of-a-kind, recycled collage pins using broken jewelry, watch parts, and the like. I soon began incorporating old photos of women into my work, calling my line of pins “Herstory”. By using the old photos of women who have gone before us, I feel I’m bringing them back to life in a way, and honoring an existence that has probably been forgotten. 

After taking Mixed Media, Collage, & Mosaic classes over the past few years I realized the possibilities were virtually endless for one-of-a kind, recycled art. I soon began expanding beyond pins to decorative boxes and larger hanging pieces.

The process of letting my creative juices out there to play has been really exciting and fun for me. I enjoy the whole process of my work, from going out and finding interesting “junk”, to the creative process of putting these findings together to make a unique piece of art.