Of course we can design and install, and host, a website for you. If you would rather have your own web site, with your own style, your e-commerce enabled site, galleries and more, we can design and create for you. Think about the POTENTIAL a site of your own has! Your own color scheme, the layout, the style… all about YOU. Of course your page on Artandcraftconnection can stay as well, all contributing to the all important search engine popularity and social networking potentials! Let us know, and we create a proposal… and you will be half way on being online!  Contact us here

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Visit the hARTdesign website at
Visit the hARTdesign website at

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Are you living your dream? It all starts in the mind…

Spend a little time each day dreaming up potentials… without questioning your ideas, just jot them down, collect them, and your dream will get better and more complete every day. The universe will reward your imagination, you will grow your confidence and strength, and things will get better… I also offer life & business coaching. Get in touch with me. Contact us here

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Recommended Hosting Company: Artandcraftconnection uses and recommends, hARTdesign Hosting. Artandcraftconnection also receives a bonus if you sign up, which helps the art and craft community, as we use these funds to sponsor artists. Talk to us if you need more information and references.

What is  Mindmapping?

Mind mapping is a simple technique for drawing information in diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences. The diagrams always take the same basic format of a tree, with a single starting point in the middle that branches out, and divides again and again. The tree is made up of words or short sentences connected by lines. The lines that connect the words are part of the meaning. Tony Buzan is a Mind Map researcher and expert on mindmapping. Tony Buzan has written dozens of books on the subject of mind mapping and I can certainly recommend his books.